Theater der Vampire - Vampire Live Rollenspiel mit Nordic LARP Elementen -

Vampirin, Haus Fox

(dargestellt von Saskia Schwind)

"Stärke wächst nicht aus körperlicher Kraft - vielmehr aus unbeugsamen Willen."
(Mahatma Gandhi)


When in 1600 India became a British colony no one of my family was even born. But nevertheless this is, when everything began.
My mother Aruna had already given birth to three children and buried them all before I saw the light of the sun for the first time. Her husband drowned himself in opium and alcohol after the death of his sons, having her beaten up badly. And so my mother had to hire out in a noble Englishman's house. What meant no payment and being his mistress, whenever he called. At least the garbage from the kitchen was enough to keep her and this no-good of a man alive. But she was pregnant again.

The night when I was born, the world seemed to drown itself in the rain that came pouring down from the heavens. It was the summer monsoon 1877.

Aruna ended up with a girl, me. The name I was given back then was Neela, meaning 'blue color'. Maybe it was because my skin shimmered a little blue when I was a small child. But not long after she died, when the first cholera epidemic ran over India when I felt the first raindrops of my fifth monsoon. My father survived, maybe the alcohol preserved his stinking weak body from getting sick.
How I managed to stay alive is still a mystery to me, but maybe I was blessed with a strong will and the anger to live. This will always kept me alive through all the hard times that followed.

No longer needed in the House of this noble Englishmen, I was given to another House, where I was raised as a playmate for the youngest son. Here I learned how to Dance, and to survive. Children, especially these spoiled English bastards can be really cruel. When those cruel children grow up, nothing will prevent them from becoming raping, stealing and lying adults.

After some years that are not even worth thinking about, a strange man appeared in my life. Edward from the Noble House of Fox. When he first set his cruel cold eyes on me, I thought, the earth would open up and swamp me. All I knew was that I wanted to run away, to hide. But I also knew, that he would always find me. Today, when I’m so much alike, I could tear my saree laughing, having been so afraid. Not long after, I ended up as a present to him. A present from the hell to the devil. But also a present from hell to heaven. I would have been no longer known as Neela from the dumps of Madras, but as Ayena. Meaning ‘the woman, men will obey”. Ayena of Fox.

End of Prologue

First encounter at the Court of the Night

“Kali, true Mother of mine.
When the light of this incense will have faded,
You will return to our House.
When the light of the sun will glow,
You will return to heaven.
Woe betide the thief.
Woe his mean bones.
Woe me, not able to protect.”

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