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2009.03.21 - Present Perfect: Aus einem Brief der Ayena an Unbekannt

[Verwischt vom Monsunregen]

...and as I told you, there was again this tribune. These Great Seven, those aren’t as great, as they should be. As they would like to be. Maybe they never have been anything but some stiff Europeans, too much power given to little age and wisdom long ago. Clutched to the greatness of ancient times, as the word “Vampire” made mankind shiver, as much as the upcoming night did. But mankind was afraid of the dark, so they banished it with fire. As well as they banished the fear of us.

But I’m wandering from the subject. Graceful, they passed the child (and it is a child that seems to be a true shame to some of them) to another. Hoping that the problem is solved and the unfortunate Lord, who was given the duty, will handle this burden well. I would have handled this a good deal different. You know me. And you know what I mean. But I’m glad to come home, where I’m free to do as I please, without having to watch out for one trap or another. Because of their little schemes, they like to play as children do. Some are even touching on to idiotic. But what shall I say, you know them as well as I do. Even better, I should think, for...


... damn them. I know my anger. And you know the cause. I hope I can keep that masquerade of smiling. Oh, I hate them so much. Hate them for all the suffering they brought on us. I should forget, because it happened so long ago. But how could I? Sometimes I would like to take them all into the sun. Vampires and humans! Without any difference. And burn to hell with them. But no fire could be hot and large enough to erase them all, once and forever. So the sacrifice would be useless, and I calm down and...


... I hope they are still all well. I should be at home more often, to take care. Spending money isn’t everything to them. And not everything to me. Don’t you feel so much strength in you, when you see them smiling? When the fire reflects in their eyes? When they treat you with respect and a bit of anxiety, but when you look into their hearts, you can see that they are so thankful, and among this feeling, there is even a bit of love? Love, even for us? I hope the Goddess will hold hands over all of them. When I come back, we will...


... good news for the future. Oh, before I forget: maybe I’ll bring some of these Europeans to India. Certain circumstances require special operations. But also a special amount of safety. Not for them, of course, but you know what I mean. I will not want to show them everything. India, that’s fine. They might like the country, the colors and everything. But some things, they needn’t to know.

After this journey I’ll have to stay for a while in Germany, because of some scheme of our House. They need me, and it seems very important. I’d rather be at home, than there, but sometimes loyalty to the House is everything. I’ll tell you more about it, soon.

So I send you my greetings from here.

Ayena, House of Fox

2009.03.21 - Present Perfect: Aus einem Brief der Ayena an Unbekannt
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