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2009.01.17 - Vergehen: Perpetration – abuse

The pawn has been hanged, long live the thief!

What a complete farce. From those who thought to bring us the legal framework.

The thief has been hanged. But what is the value of a confession under pressure? Where was the sense of the witnesses that were to cowardly to speak up in time? What is the value of a theft by this rat pulled on a string? And what was the value of a conviction based on all of this? There is none, and there will never be any. To make it worse, it has shown that even we are bribable, fallible and weak! This trial has been a true farce and nothing else will become out of it. Oh Great Seven, what a shame have you loaded on you and us!

Judging a simple mortal in a way that is not worth to be a Vampire’s! Brutal nonsense in a way, that is more than ridiculous. What a shame dwindled down to methods of those mortals! Hangmen of darkest medieval times! Do you really think, this trial increased the respect of the mortals at the court of the night? Look into the mirror, just to see how powerless and dependant we have become!

The goddess is still cross about all of us. For her sacrilege still hasn’t been avenged! It has winded up to ridiculousness. But be aware: the wheel of renascence will turn. Smashed bones will turn into a snake. A snake that will set on us, silently, invisible. While we are still asleep! It will seek for revenge. And it will get its bloody revenge, for Kali herself will set out to punish us. She is the justice, and she will get it, even if she must let the sun rise at midnight!

Oh Great Seven, now you will come together to wreck one of our equals. Will you condemn our race to laughableness once again? Or will you judge wise this time, to set the proper punishment? And not hang only a pawn again for her breaches and the ones of others?

2009.01.17 - Vergehen: Perpetration – abuse
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